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Title Concept Korea’s LIE Collection Rocked the Runway at NYFW
Date 2018-10-08

Mischka, and Cynthia Rowley debuting their Spring 2019 collections. However, more recent to the scene designers certainly made an impression on the NYC fashion-lovers who wait all year for this week-long event.

Concept Korea is a brand like no other. The brand dedicates itself to aid in the exposure of native Korean designers in America. It’s organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Creative Content Agency. Together, these organizations make it possible for young up-and-coming designers to promote themselves through Concept Korea, bringing their designs to light in the United States.

NYgal had the opportunity to attend this absolutely fabulous runway show, starring the hard work of some talented young designers. The LIE Collection lit up the runway, having the audience snapping photos, taking videos, and gazing in awe at their uniquely beautiful designs.

The LIE Collection

The LIE Collection was inspired by one of our American heroines, Amelia Earhart! Designer, Lee Chung Chung, created his Spring 2019 line to represent a story of feminism. His strong, but feminine designs with a color palette of pastels and floral show that women can be fierce while rocking a girlish look.

Image Credit: Concept Korea

The shapes of the designs remain classic while incorporating modern silhouettes. This reinforces the idea that women have always been powerful and beautiful. Chung’s goal in his designs was to encourage women to overcome predisposed barriers; just like our American heroine, Amelia Earhart!

Image Credit: Concept Korea

Another aspect of Earhart that is incorporated into the designs is the 1930’s inspiration of frills and ruffles. These girly additions were complimented by masculine trenchcoats, doused in colors such as pink and lavender, giving a feminine edge to a traditional male shape, and once again blurring the lines of sexism.

Image Credit: Concept Korea

Typical male-patterns were also added to reinforce the theme of empowerment of women in a male-dominated society. The collection allows for women to dress with the qualities of men’s attire, while also staying true to their feminine nature.

The LIE collection definitely succeeded in making a statement in the design world, bringing the old to the new and combining feminine and masculine qualities. However, it also made a statement in our society as women are now being seen more clearly as the powerful creatures that they’ve always been.

NYgal would like to thank LEE Chung Chung for representing the fierce and strength of women, and also for giving us major #OOTDGoals.

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